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Attractions and activities in Djursland

In our area there are a lot of activities and sights like Mols Bjerge National Park with Agri Bavnehøj (137 m), Poskær Stenhus (the largest dolmen in Denmark), Agri Søen (a lake with funny "Molbo" stories), the ruins of the castle Kalø.

Rosenholm castle (a tv series was filmed here), The agricultural museum in Gl. Estrup, the glassmuseum, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, The church in Thorsager, The frigate Jylland, The Kattegatcenter (sharks), Randers Rainforrest, Djurs Sommerland (summer fun park), Ree Park Safari(animal park), Scandinavan Wildlifepark (animal park) and much more.

See more about Djursland at www.visitdjursland.com

5 great golf courses in Djursland

Kalø Golf Club (in walking distance from "Stress A")
Norddjurs Golfklub
Ebeltoft golfklub
Djurs Golf
Lübker Golf Resort

Very good bathing- surfing- and fishing opportunities.