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Practical information

Upon arrival we welcome you and show you around. Should any problems arise, we will, of course, assist you.

We also inform about tourist attractions on Djursland and Mols. If the weather permits it, we will try to arrange a common barbecue evening during the summer.

Holiday visitors have their private entrance.
For children a sandpit and various in- and outdoor games are available.år du/I kommer hos os byder vi dig/jer velkommen, og viser dig/jer det du/I har lejet.

All prices are incl. 25 % VAT. We do not accept creditcards, cash DKK/EUR only please!









    Menu, Rønde 4 km

  • Fakta, Rønde 4 km
  • Netto, Rønde 4 km
  • Brugsen, Thorsager 4 km


  • Marco Polo, Hovedgaden 48E, Rønde, 3,5 km
  • Pizzeria Cocobello, Hovedgaden 24A, Rønde, 4 km
  • Kalø Slotskro, Molsvej 31, Rønde, 5 km
  • Restaurant Bag Søjlen, Hovedgaden 5, Rønde, 4 km

Things you can borrow from us

  • High children chair
  • Child bathtub
  • Childbed (weekend bed)
  • Washing machine if necessary
  • Grill
  • Garden furniture